Monday, 13 June 2016

Hello guys....

Its been a really really messed up months from last one year. I posted my last blog in the month of June 2015 , and today its June 2016. A long stretch ..... I disappeared totally . Ever since I got married my life changed and m more matured now. Matured in the scene my view point and my perspective . So, gradually my family became my priorities . I am glad that  I gathered myself up because I messed little weirdly . Its odd to say that , but m not scared to share my thoughts . Every human being have own ground even I got too.  Its  a saying I came across woman are tend to be depressed about anything or just  to nothing because of overthinking . M a woman , so its clear m not different from every other woman . Yes, I am trying rather struggling to just shake off my bad habits of overthinking .

I ran away from blog writing  and the fact of updating my daily chores  and life , because at first I thought I got nothing to write or share . But , I have  small little thins to share . So, I am going to share my story like everyone does have one . My small little beautiful world with my husband who loves me then any other damn thing in this planet earth . One day I will be posting a blog just about my KING...

And not just that apart from my story of my life I will be write about my skincare routine too.

Thanks for your precious time that you sponsored to stopped by . It will mean a lot if you share and like my blog .


Much Love,

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Hey everyone , 

Today is a very special day for me and Rick . Its 30th june,2015 . Same day before two year we started our journey . Yes ... you guessed right .... Its our 2nd anniversary . Yeeeaaahhhh !!!!! I am blessed that by God's grace m with him . Rick is the most incredible person I ever meet in my whole life . I never knew life could be so much fun without him . He is just everything to me . I learnt many things from him. specially how to keep calm when nothing working , he is the one who taught me the word LIFE means positive vibes . His calmness and disciple towards life is not to compare with any other person . 

I am the person who sometime use to  get screwed up with small things . I am thankful  that I at least overcome this bad habit just by following his foot steps . In this 2 years of my marriage I became more strong . Now I have courage to set new big goals even I work on that particular things to achieve it .I like to    THANKs to my partner , my best friend , my soul mate for loving "us" so much . Its a long journey and I am gonna learn more from him . Cause all I know love is loud .

In worst time we always laughed a loud to cheer our-self up . We cracked idiotic jokes still we never let each other down anyway . Life is never a smooth runaway , there are ups and downs . But we think for those downs we are up now . We faced many odds , you know it happens but smiled . We always worked hard on smiling when it  is  blank around us . I am blessed and happy with him in this anniversary .

Stay blessed,

Monday, 29 June 2015


Hey buddies ... Happy Monsoon everyone . 

I love rains . But not stepping out . Yeah .. !!! you guessed right . Its Rainy season mood everybody . Today I planned to do a post regarding hairs , cause may be you could be one of those like my sis . I got frequent calls from her about random stuffs .But her hair issue may be a little more then usual right this season . 

Split ends , dry hairs ...... hair falls , this three things are "planned guest appearance " which leaves us in awwwwwwfull  situations . Yes may be m too pissed off by this same problems . So, whoa...hoo.. I got this ...I kicked off those annoying stuffs . Check out how . 


Yeah ..!!! this is this ... 

  • Olive oil .
  • Egg yolk .
  • Honey .
All you know quantity totally depends upon your hair length and its volume , its your hair m just a guide . Mix this all sweethearts in a cute bowl and whisk until its mix well to a good not too runny not too stiff consistency . Apply this paste at the tip of your hairs . If you have left over , don't worry   close you eyes massage your full root to tip of your hair with this amazing  mask .
Now the question is . Why ??? I called this mask amazing ? the answer is its just amazed me  not once but every time I used . All the ingredients that I listed above is beneficial for healthy bouncy hairs . This mask locks the hair with moisture , nourishment , shine and with awesome result. So, right after reading this post please give it a try . You too will be amazed .

Till next time , 

Stay blessed ,

Saturday, 27 June 2015


Hey everyone , 

Today I will be sharing about a very simple yet easy to  do tip with you guys . Its  very natural to get tan specially over hands . So, I got a very nice and interesting 2 step hand stuff to get those perfect smooth fair arms that faded away for scorching sun .

Lets get started ....


  • Coconut oil .
  • Regular Table salt .
  • Glycerin .
  • Lime juice .

Step 1 : Exfoliation .

First exfoliate and scrub out all dead dark skin that are visible over the top layer of your skin . So, the quantities is totally depends upon your usage . Mix coconut oil and salt together and rub all over your arms , fingers , palms , elbows . Massage with a clock and anti clock motion  for about 5 mins . When you are done with this step , then soak your hands in lukewarm water for another 5 mins .

Step 2 : Moisturizing : 

After completing the first step . In a bowl mix glycerin and lime juice .The quantities depends totally upon you . With that mixture massage gently until the entire mix soaks your skin . Then you are completely done . 

I do this regime thrice  in a week . Its really a good yet very simple easy steps to maintain your beautiful arms and fingers  . Hands feels really smooth soft and hydrated , and this entire stuff removes tan and darkness from your skin if you continue with this regime for everyday or 4 times a week . 

Thanks guys for taking your time out and reading my post . You are loved .

Stay blessed ,

Monday, 22 June 2015


Hey ladies ,

I really happy about today's post cause you wont believe what I am about to share with you guys . You know, due to exams I was nervous and at the same time I have not  managed a second to care for  my skin . For this reason I am staying far way from my phones front camera . Almost I  am like a zombie , I was too much worried for my exams as usual . I got panda eyes which is horrible and chapped lips . My skin turned into too much oily , tired, and lifeless . So, don't worry I am here to stay ... hahahahah... Yeah... woah ..ho... Lets get jump into skin care routine .


  • Diamonds , gold , gems .... hahahahahahahaha...... jokes apart .  
Gram flour or Besan .
Lime juice .
Chilled raw milk . 

This are the very simple things that you need . Mix all this ingredients together to make a not to runny not to stiff paste. The consistency must be like cream . There is not strict rules about the quantities of each of the ingredients .Apply this paste over entire face . Don't forget neck and back of your neck . Place this layer of this mixture for about 20mins . Just wash it off lukewarm water .Done .

This face mask  gives your skin a good exfoliation , fairness , glowing  effects of your skin and removes tan   from your body parts, clear out acne pimples along with oiliness , this mask removes impression of stress over from your face also   . I am quite happy after using this mask , it is really helpful . You must give it a try to prove me wrong .

Stay blessed , 



Its me June here . After a long time gap ,  I am here to say that I am really sorry as for my exams I haven't made any blog post . But yesterday my exams are over ... woah.. hooo... 
I superb excited today. I was little stressed for my exams during the entire month of June .But now I am relaxed but partially . I am trying to freshen up my mood again and get started a fresh . Exam is something for me that I always afraid off . Now m adult so , the tension stuff is little different , its more intense . I have a worst habit to screw up myself if I fail to figure a particular stuff right at that time . 

So, i thought pf posting random skin care routine for all my friends who couldn't maintained their skin for a very busy schedule or for as exam tensions . Anyways , I hope you will definitely going to like my post that I will be posting right from tomorrow. 

Again , I apologize   for everything , hope you understand .

Stay blessed ,

Saturday, 9 May 2015


What's up ladies , 

Hey I am back with another tip for you guys . Its so summer right now going on . I really staying hydrated always and at the same time engaging my washroom now and then .... hahahaha... jokes apart . 

Its not only the body which needs hydration and attention for summer times . Take care of you skin which acts like a shield . My exams is just round the corner and at the same time m screwed up under piles of notes . Poor me . So , no time for skin care and that's the blunder I have done . Seriously my skin turned dull and lacking  liveliness . So, I made research and m here to share ... ta .. dah... 


  • hONEY 
 Just mix this three things nicely to make a thin fluffy batter . Always use this mask before bed time , leave it as it is for next 20 mins and wash it off . This what I do guys and nothing fancy . Notice the result . Honey hydrates the skin , banana brings back that brightness and glow that you lost for pollution and sun rays and yogurt exfoliate the skin gently . This three together works wonder for your skin . 

I simply loved this one and enjoyed at the same time . Please let me know in the comment section below your opinion after using this . 

Till then , make your wounds as wisdom . I love you all take care . 

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